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Hi, days before Christmas......There's no snow where I am at....howabout ya"all! Anyone have a favorate Christmas story!Mine goes back to when I was eight.We had left some soup and cookies out for santa...ofcourse.We were all just about ready to pull out for "Midnight Mass",on Christmas Eve.....when my father and mother,both tell us kids...they forgot something in the house.Ofcourse.....we went to the beautiful Christmas church.To our astonishment,when we came home,the soup,cookies,and milk we left for santa....were all gone! We were just amazed,thrilled and astonished,that santa had visited our house....and didn't leave cole in our stocking.What better Christmas present to first guitar.WE HAD SUCH A WONDERFUL christmas ,the next day.My mom made,the best turkey dinner with gravy,stuffing,and all the trimmings.Her and I made,her secret,Christmas cake recipes.Many wonderful Christmas's have come and gone since than.This is the first year,mom won't be here with us to celebrate it.She's gone onto,a better place,and found her peace with God.Something,she always taught us......Christmas is everyday.....when you got love in your heart!Hope you and yours,Have a merry one!

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